California/Traveling the coast with kiabi and asos 2014

We’d prefer to create our push as panoramic as you are able to (Hwy 1), but are prepared to trade-off to invest additional time at particular places. Additionally, can there be anyplace regional to Fran where we’re able to observe kiabi page?
We reside in Pittsburgh, PA (where we simply receieved 6 ins of snowfall recently!) and dislike to depend on nearby vacation providers for recommend. Cheers for the aid!!
Woo-hoo! Exactly what an enjoyable journey! Let us observe what enjoyment we are able to have: Evening 1-2: Bay Area. The area to remain is near Angler’s Wharf or near Ness so far as I am worried. The latter is nonetheless close enough towards the motion, although cheaper you could stroll there having a buggy. The Vagabond had for the kids.Must do quite a good swimming, that will be ideal:
Square – possess a hot-fudge sundae the very best, within the ice-cream store! Purchase candy for the trip’s rest. Bakery: there are lots of of those around city, have chowder in a bread dish. Ideally the 6YO will require to it, mine did (she calls it “white soup”). For that 2YO, split the crust off and provide some bakery to chew on to him/her.
Pier 39: Anything for everybody here, plenty of a carousel at the conclusion of the pier, along with stores. Harbor sail: who are able to avoid a ship trip? Exploratorium hands on memorial actually.
Gate Bridge: we’ve often preferred to stroll across, simply to state we made it happen, and Excellent photo-op. Gate Park: additional galleries, in addition to Steinhart Aquarium and areas.
Lombard Street: you are able to have up a cable-car here or push or stroll. It is the most crooked street on the planet. It will be even appreciated by your 6YO.
More Asos info at asos page.

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