You’re going to be pretty comfortable with all that kind of stuff

You’re going to be pretty comfortable with all that kind of stuff, and it just comes down to practice. You have to be good at your presentation, which is essentiallytaking your product’s benefits and showing your prospect how it will help them solve their problems, attain their desires, allay their fears and ultimately how it’s going to help them get their criteria, which is what they’re really worried about.
You also need to think about the objections that your prospect might raise. Objections are good a thing. The sales process doesn’t begin until an objection is raised. It means they’re thinking about your offer. Up until this point, they haven’t even considered it, and now they are. If you can answer their objections, there’s a really good chance that you’ll get the gig. So be aware of what might stop them from moving forward with a Nantucket videographer.
It might be a lack of time, lack of resources, maybe they don’t see the big picture of what you can actually do for them. Be aware of all of that and think of how you can overcome those objections. I guarantee just thinking about this will help you handle objections ten times better than before and probably a hundred times better than anyone else out there.
Most people don’t take the time to think about this stuff. They just go out there and wing it, and that’s why it takes them five years before they become successful, when you can do it in a month or two if you just practice. You are going to be really surprised at how closely your imagined objections will match those raised by your prospects and how fluidly you’re able to overcome them.
So how do we get fluid? The number-one way is practice. You need to practice the type of questions you want to ask, the objections you need to handle, even things like your opening line. If you’re at a business networking meeting, what’s your opening line going to be? How are you going to start a conversation with people? Practice this stuff.
It doesn’t take very long to do, and the results you get are going to be so much bigger, better, and faster than if you just tried to do it any other way. You might want to start small. You don’t have to try to get fluid with every single service under the sun and know every possible benefit and every possible objection. That’s just too much work to get started with.
You might start with something small, maybe like the autoresponder service. Get really comfortable with the features, advantages, and benefits of an autoresponder, some of the objections people might raise. Start small, really get that nailed down, and then move on to something else. 
It won’t take very long, and eventually, you will be fluid with everything. Another really cool way to do it is to role-play. If you’ve got a partner or friend that can help you with this, that’s awesome. But even if you just do it with yourself, it’s very effective. When I went to do door-to-door sales some years ago, the first set of training I did was for about two weeks. Role playing is all we did every single morning before we went out for one to two hours a day.

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